Ohad Asor - Founder & CTO

Ohad has been a Software Developer and Mathematician at top tech companies since 1995. He was the youngest university student in Israel, studying Mathematics and Computer Science at the age of 13. Over the years he has accumulated extensive knowledge and experience in programming and various areas of math, with a recent focus on logic, machine learning, complexity theory, philosophy of science, economics, social choice, and decentralized networks. He designed and implements Tau and Agoras. As the founder, he is currently leading the development of the project. Work history: Logician and Mathematician, expert in AI, prior work with GE Healthcare developing software systems.

Fola Adejumo - Chief Executive Officer

Former CEO of Maxbox VR, Fola is a startup expert that has amassed millions in revenue and over 10 years of experience in building global teams to success from zero. He has an industrious background in product creation, global manufacturing, sales and marketing; working with the world’s top brands such as Google, Walmart, Disney, NBC Universal to develop products and ideas on a global scale.

Karim Kaddeche - VP of Research & Development

Karim is a serial entrepreneur who founded his first startup, GeoMicro, in the early .com years. Mr. Kaddeche was a visionary and a leader in the geographically targeted ad space and an early pioneer of Location-Based Services. GeoMicro’s web-based Geographic Information System was deployed by the US Navy, GE, AccuWeather, and DirecTV. After selling GeMicro to the Descartes Systems Group (NASDAQ:DSGX), Karim co-founded L2 Drive, where he was the principal inventor of L2’s next-generation Cloud Data Storage technology. Mr. Kaddeche holds eleven US and international patents in data storage. At IDNI, Karim leads our R&D efforts bringing his extensive software development expertise to help us plan and deliver on our ambitious product roadmap.

Alex Baker - Director, CLO & Compliance

Alex is known for working with the world’s most prestigious corporates such as Credit Suisse, Rothschild & Co, and Griffin Group. Alex’s background is in wealth management, legal, compliance, and international business, serving a multitude of multinational entities.

Prof. Enrico Franconi - Academic Advisor

Being a professor in knowledge representation databases, Prof. Franconi’s research focus lies in the application of database, artificial intelligence, and semantic technologies to concrete problems in information systems design and maintenance, in data integration, intelligent access, analysis, and restructuring of big data. Prof. Franconi is the creator of various theories and tools for ontology modeling, reasoning and querying. He is the founder and director of the KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data and provides research advice to Tau’s technical developments.

Prof. Paweł Parys - Academic Advisor

Paweł Parys is a scientist from Poland. He holds a Ph.D. in computer science from the University of Warsaw. His research focuses on automata theory, especially on extensions of finite automata, and connections between logics and automata. He has significant results in several areas of theoretical computer science, such as fast evaluation of XPath queries, higher-order pushdown automata, recursion schemes, algorithmic game theory, and extensions of the monadic second-order logic. He also has experience in computer programming.

Dr. Marcos Cramer - Academic Advisor

In his research, Dr. Cramer applies logic-based methods from knowledge representation and reasoning to model actual human reasoning. The focus of his research is on combining methods from formal argumentation theory, natural language semantics, epistemic logic, and philosophical logic to formally model the mathematical, philosophical and logical reasoning of humans. Apart from Dr. Cramer’s research in knowledge representation and reasoning, he is also interested in the usage and linguistic study of gender-neutral language. Together with other people interested in the topic, he has developed a system for gender-neutral German. Furthermore, he actively uses Esperanto and does some work on the linguistic study of Esperanto.

David Castro Esteban - Ph.D., Developer

David is a Software developer with many years of experience in cybersecurity, mainly, in the field of static analysis of source code. He worked as a researcher and/or lecturer at several universities in Europe. He has also worked in several Spanish startups. He is interested in formal methods in computer science, computational mathematics, and complexity theory. David holds a Ph.D. in Mathematics.


Umar Mohammad - Ph.D, Professor, TML Research & Development

Umar, is a Ph.D. scientist, a professor with several years of experience in programming languages, blockchain, and big data security. He is a founder of Inventscale and other companies. He has worked with international companies like Microsoft, Intel, and IBM in various roles.

Andrei Korotkoff - Senior Developer

Andrei is a skilled C/C++/JS programmer with many years of experience. He started programming C at the Khrunichev Space Center more than 25 years ago, and since then worked at various IT companies developing and delivering products and services to companies including the biggest Russian companies Lukoil, Gazprom, and Alrosa.

Juan Rodriguez - Ph.D., Senior Developer

Juan is a Computer Systems Engineer with Ph.D. in Computer Science, who specialized in microelectronics. He early worked for several public organizations and companies developing from Application Specific Integrated Circuits to radar equipment; and more recently as an independent consultant for several projects in formal verification, scientific computing, and blockchain.

Tomáš Klapka - TML Developer

Tomáš is an IT specialist with more than 20 years of experience in software development, integrating systems, and administration. He has worked for various companies, including SUSE and Liberty Global. His interest in Semantic Web technologies and the future of the internet exposed Tomáš to Tau-chain, where he already developed the first TML playground.

Lucca Tiemens - TML Developer

Lucca is a master student of Mathematics at Technische Universität Berlin. He has worked in industrial research projects at Fraunhofer IPK as a programmer and was employed at Freie Universität Berlin for tutoring Bachelor’s courses in mathematics. His Bachelor thesis was published at the RAMICS 2020 conference. He is further experienced in formalizing category theory in the proof assistant Isabelle/HOL.

Kilian Kunst - VP of Communications

Kilian Kunst is an entrepreneur whose passion is rooted in the blockchain industry and gaming. In 2015, he founded his company Streamstars UG and thoroughly analyzed the emerging cryptocurrency market. He created Age of Chains in 2016, a blockchain trading card game. He holds a master’s degree in entrepreneurship and also served as a manager for Divvy DAO, a development platform for interoperable, decentralized autonomous organizations. Since early 2020, he’s been the VP of Communications for IDNI.

Karolina Rapalytė-Masilionė - Marketing & Content Strategist

Karolina has over 8 years of experience in marketing and communication. Before leaving the advertising world for tech, she spent 3 years as a senior creative in one of the top advertising agencies in the country where she worked on awarded branding and advertising campaigns for top local and international brands, such as Swedbank, Maxima, and SEB.

Igor Hadžić - Graphic Designer

Igor is an entrepreneur and designer with over 10 years of experience in many aspects of the graphic design industry. He managed over 1000’s of customers and worked with some of the major Fortune 500 companies such as Hugo Boss, Nike, Google, Disney, PwC, Snapchat, Sony Music, Johnson & Johnson, and many others. His skillset includes offset print knowledge, design, and development of the physical products for Virtual Reality experience, UX/UI design, and Web development.

Ethan Chen - APAC Business Development Manager

Ethan has over 14 years of experience as a product and marketing manager in a global megabank and an online forex company, focusing mainly on large enterprises. In the past few years, he was providing marketing and community building services to several ICO projects, including Starbase, Mainstreet, SingularDTV, Firstblood, and BlockCDN. Ethan holds a BS in Business Management.

Isar Flis - VP of Strategy & Finance

Alongside his role at Tau, Isar currently serves as Director of M&A Strategy at Ernst and Young-Parthenon. Isar is a talented business strategist that has provided senior consultancy services to the world’s largest corporations globally. Isar has held various roles at EY over the past 7 years of work both at its Israel and New York offices.