Scientific Advisors

Prof. Enrico Franconi - Academic Advisor

Being a professor in knowledge representation databases, Prof. Franconi’s research focus lies in the application of database, artificial intelligence, and semantic technologies to concrete problems in information systems design and maintenance, in data integration, intelligent access, analysis, and restructuring of big data. Prof. Franconi is the creator of various theories and tools for ontology modeling, reasoning and querying. He is the founder and director of the KRDB Research Centre for Knowledge and Data and provides research advice to Tau’s technical developments.

Dr. Marcos Cramer - Academic Advisor

In his research, Dr. Cramer applies logic-based methods from knowledge representation and reasoning to model actual human reasoning. The focus of his research is on combining methods from formal argumentation theory, natural language semantics, epistemic logic, and philosophical logic to formally model the mathematical, philosophical and logical reasoning of humans. Apart from Dr. Cramer’s research in knowledge representation and reasoning, he is also interested in the usage and linguistic study of gender-neutral language. Together with other people interested in the topic, he has developed a system for gender-neutral German. Furthermore, he actively uses Esperanto and does some work on the linguistic study of Esperanto.

Prof. Christoph Benzmüller - Academic Advisor

Prof. Benzmüller’s research activities are interfacing the areas of artificial intelligence, philosophy, mathematics, computer science, and natural language. His current research focuses on the use of formal argumentation & explanation to achieve trustworthy AI systems, that is reasonable machines. Professor is particularly interested in the use of classical higher-order logic (HOL) as a universal meta-logic to automate various non-classical logics and to utilize them in topical application areas, including machine ethics & machine law, metaphysics (e.g. Gödel’s ontological argument), mathematical foundations (e.g. category theory) and rational argumentation. Prof. Benzmüller’s research activities also address the integration of automated reasoning, machine learning, and agent-based architectures. He has core expertise in classical higher-order logic (HOL), and has contributed to its semantics and proof theory, and together with colleagues and students, developed the Leo theorem provers for HOL.