Fuel For Thought and

Our Vision

We’re determined to accelerate the rate and impact of human innovation and collaboration by providing a more capable technological foundation for humanity to build upon and create new resources from. Tau is a much-needed fertile ground for the cultivation and growth of ideas that previously seemed impossible. It is a new Layer One for the new era of software and human capability.

Humanity needs unbounded opportunity and resources to grow, and technology is the deciding factor in the availability of resources of which humanity is able to utilize. Tau will remove many hindrances to growth and provide a pathway to the necessary new knowledge of the future, facilitating the increased participation and contributions to our collective goals as a species. Tau will extend the abilities of machines and in that be a key driver in the uncovering of resources and useful knowledge.

Our Purpose

Our mission is to transcend current technological boundaries and unleash new innovation, galvanizing humanity around true positive impact and birthing new, flourishing, industries and concepts, far beyond our imagination.

The Problem

We live in a time where major breakthroughs in technology are often more of the same thing but incrementally faster. This constant optimization is the equivalent of trying to build a faster horse. We can create faster horses, but a horse will always be a horse. We’ve reached a point where the desire for these incremental changes steadily declines while the need for technology beyond a faster horse increases.

Our Approach

We build Tau, a logical AI software creation engine. Software created with Tau is capable of mechanized reasoning and in turn able to logically think and automatically create. The software is able to be fully reasoned over, enabling people to build software that: deduces new knowledge from real-world information, is able to explain its decisions and elegantly evolve its own software to your desire, all from your requirements. 

Our innovative development approach advances the world of formal methods and empowers people to describe desired software in simple, logical sentences that work as the software itself. This revolutionary shift fundamentally redefines the development process from thinking of how to implement it, to solely thinking of what the software should be.

Our Guiding 

Tangible Innovation

Innovation is the primary driver of growth. Technology should empower everyone to innovate beyond what was thought possible. Innovation must strike at the core of the problem. Innovation should have powerful real world impact and application.

Productive Collaboration

Efficient collaboration is crucial. Human knowledge and software should be in a form that has maximum utility to become more than itself alone, with the process of connecting them made simple and robust enough to advance humanity.