Getting the most out of Tau

Tau offers the ultimate decision-support tool through the integration of team opinions, customization tools to accurately reflect your business, and professional assistance provided by our team.

1. Define custom ontology

The fundamentals of your business are captured by defining an ontology that is specific to your domain. In this context, an ontology is a set of definitions of nouns and verbs that capture the semantics of everything you do, regardless of any particular task.

2. Develop specialized language

Next, we help you define a custom Knowledge Representation and Reasoning (KRR) language. Using this KRR language, you will begin to capture the rules and the decision-making processes (i.e., your core business model) in a few simple statements.

3. Engage your team

Every member of your team starts participating in the process by using the KRR language to discuss their daily tasks. The more members participate, the more useful the discussion becomes. This will empower your team members to become knowledge workers that contribute their expertise and not just their time.

Please note that while Tau is currently in development, certain products and services may not be available until its official launch.

We have you covered

If you would like to learn more about how Tau can benefit your business, our team would be happy to help. Contact us:

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Professional services & licensing provided for:​

•   Custom languages & ontologies
•   Solution deployment
•   Products that use Tau’s unique features 
•   Customers code troubleshooting
•   Review of Tau product(s) related issues in customer application code

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