Tau Live

Sell & Buy Knowledge in Video Calls

Coming Soon

Tau Live takes the video knowledge-sharing component of Tau Net with logic-based AI features in a standalone app, enabling users to focus on the direct sharing of knowledge live and be paid per minute for that exact knowledge in exchange for Agoras ($AGRS) over video conversations and lectures.

Where Experts and Knowledge Seekers Meet

Tau Live will utilize logic-based AI in the form of software specification combined with knowledge representation, allowing users to control the development of the platform in a sound manner and bring a powerful feature set.

Live & Direct Knowledge Trading

Earn $AGRS by selling knowledge one-on-one, in group calls and presentations, and even by creating purchasable video content. Decide the rules and terms of payment in complex configurations that utilize smart contracts without any middleman. It’s between you, the client device, the connected wallets, and your audience.

Discover Experts That Verifiably Have Specific Knowledge

Create powerful teams to achieve any goal. Need a team of experts that hold the knowledge you seek? Search the formalized knowledge in its system and also submit requests for knowledge, so only users that verifiably have the precise knowledge you seek assist you.

Personalized Trust Network

Choose the knowledge sources you trust and manage your trust network. Add trusted knowledge providers, external resources, or even users whose judgment you rely on when assessing knowledge providers.

Network of Interests

Go beyond searching for knowledge. Input a user’s knowledge as your search topic to find similar knowledge providers and learn about the topics and interests a person is knowledgeable about.

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