Tau Live

Sell & Buy Knowledge in Video Calls

Coming Soon

Tau Net will take its knowledge economy beyond giving users the ability to find other users with the exact knowledge they seek, by enabling users to share and be paid for that exact knowledge in Agoras ($AGRS) over video conversations and lectures. Tau Live is the standalone open-source version of this feature. Incorporating ‘Just say it’ AI which is at the heart of Tau Net technology will make it more powerful than any other crypto-for-knowledge video platform.

Where Independent Experts and Knowledge Seekers Meet

Tau Live is not your ordinary pay-for-expertise video platform. Tau Live will use Tau’s software specification and knowledge representation AI, which will not only allow users to be entirely in control of the platform but will bring such powerful features as:

Sell Knowledge Live and Direct

Users will be able to earn $AGRS by selling knowledge one-on-one, in group calls and presentations and even by creating purchasable video content. The rules and terms of payment can be decided between users themselves and without any middle-man. Just the client device, the connected wallets and the audience.

Discover Experts That Verifiably Have Specific Knowledge

Create powerful teams to achieve any goal. Need a team of experts with a background that hold the knowledge you seek? Tau Live will let you search and submit requests for knowledge and have only people that verifiably hold the exact knowledge you seek to assist you.

Personalized Trust

Tau Live will include a unique trust network which will allow users to trust knowledge providers and their level of competency in various ways, from the trust of users they themselves find trustworthy to various external resources.

Utilize Your Network’s Interests

Users will be able to input a person of interest as a search topic. This will enable them to not only discover more people similar to their person of interest, but to also find out the things their person of interest is interested in.

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