Currency of Tau Net

We are excited to introduce the Agoras token ($AGRS). AGRS is at the centre of the Tau product suite: Tau, Tau Net and Tau Live. Users will be able to trade AGRS for products and services such as knowledge, computer resources and financial instruments, all as a result of contracts using Tau technology, accelerating AGRS’ utility and liquidity.

Utilizing Tau’s AI-based collaborative development technology, AGRS’ tokenomics and utility will evolve to reflect its users’ collective wants, and will represent the total purchasing capability of all increasingly available assets in the system.


Token ticker: $AGRS 
Token: Contract
Total supply: 42M AGRS
Circulating supply: 18M AGRS
Emission: None, fixed supply
Initial sale bonus: Info

User-Controlled Tokenomics

Agoras users will be able to collaboratively and continuously influence every aspect of its tokenomics, which will make $AGRS the first cryptocurrency fully run by its users.



I prefer a deflationary system that rewards active participants in the network.


I actively participate in the network and would love to be rewarded for it.


I wish for AGRS to be deflationary.

Tau Net AI:

Calculates the collective agreement on $AGRS’ desired behavior and concludes that it will become deflationary by burning 50% of all transaction fees and rewards active network participants by redistributing 50% of all transaction fees across all active wallets that hold $AGRS. Tau Net will then automatically adjust the tokenomics to accurately match the specification.

Example of Contracts with Tau Technology

Trading Agoras for Knowledge

User knowledge is an asset that can be made accessible to the network and exchanged for Agoras ($AGRS), and other assets. Users’ thoughts and ideas shared over Tau Net will be integrated into the world’s most powerful knowledgebase that can be queried and logically reasoned over. Tau Net will even detect that a piece of a user’s knowledge is a solution to someone else’s problem and can advertise it to them.


Joe is looking for steps to get from A to D, he’s willing to pay 30 AGRS for this information.

Jane has knowledge of how to get from A to B, Alex has knowledge of how to get from B to C, and Sarah has knowledge of how to get from C to D.

Tau Net AI:

Combines Jane, Alex and Sarah’s knowledge and pays them for it from Joe’s AGRS balance, then provides Joe the accurate knowledge on how to get from A to D.

Trading Agoras for Computer Resources

SELLING. Idle computer resources in smartphones, laptops, and tablets, such as a CPU, hard drive, GPU and memory can all be made available to trade and rent for Agoras and other assets in Tau Net’s economy.

BUYING. In Tau Net’s economy, billions of users’ devices become a combined supercomputer that can be harnessed by renting using Agoras. The combined computer resources of billions of people surpass the power of all the servers of the biggest tech companies.

Trading Agoras for Derivatives

Agoras and other digital resources can be used to trade in Tau Net derivatives market, which will feature financial instruments such as futures and options; and a unique ability to provide risk-free interest without inflation in the Agoras token supply.

Agoras token is an ERC-20 placeholder token.
It will be swapped for the future Agoras coin which will be released on the Tau Net mainnet, once the Tau Net mainnet is developed. Read more.

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