Currency that evolves with your Worldview, connecting you to Tau's economy

Token ticker: $AGRS

Agoras is a powerful currency that represents all of the ever-growing assets of the Tau economy. Agoras represents the value of everything you may want to sell or buy over the network, from global knowledge to computer resources. Your Worldview, much like the real you, is a powerful gadget holding all your knowledge that you can monetize. By updating your Worldview you collaboratively and continuously influence every aspect of its tokenomics, which makes Agoras the first cryptocurrency fully run by its users.


Earn from your knowledge

Just by being on Tau, your knowledge automatically becomes a digital asset owned by you. You can sell off your knowledge to other buyers, or use it to generate income by renting specific pieces of it to your subscribers as Tau will understand that even a piece of your knowledge can be part of the solution to someone's problem.

Buy the exact knowledge you need

You can combine knowledge of multiple users to create solutions to important and complex problems and be guaranteed that the acquired knowledge matches your specifications 100%.

Advanced Tokenomics:
Agoras becomes what you want it to be

Agoras will be the first cryptocurrency truly run by its users. By updating your Worldview, you collaboratively and continuously influence every aspect of the tokenomics and Tau will understand the consensus of all users, and update itself accordingly. Everything on Tau, including Tau itself, is run by you.

Transaction fees, consensus mechanisms, supply minting or burning, token-based voting mechanisms, and creative incentives for all users – everything in Tau’s economy can be invented, proposed and reorganised by you, Tau writes the code and implements it. Your opinion in how the world’s economy should function is in constant change, and as such, the best possible economics should account for your Worldview, evolving with your wants and needs.

In Agoras, you will be able to decide on the mechanisms that would benefit you most. For example, when discussing the transaction fee, users could wish for 50% of each transaction fee to be burned and the rest to be redistributed among all active wallets. When Tau will detect that such deflationary mechanism is desired by the majority of Agoras users, it will be implemented automatically.

About Agoras

Your Agoras in Tau's economy, the power to trade your assets in one marketplace

Agoras is a representation of the knowledge and digital resources you own and can use to trade, where your knowledge can be automatically exchanged for powerful combinations of computing power, cash, and financial instruments within Tau’s economy.

Knowledge Market

Every piece of knowledge in your Worldview can be sold, rented to other users and traded for other assets in Tau’s economy, allowing you to reuse your knowledge in multiple transactions for recurring automatic earnings.

Computer Resources

Sell resources. You have computer resources in your smartphone, laptop and tablet such as a CPU, hard drive, GPU and memory that can all be made available to trade and rent for Agoras and other assets in Tau’s economy.

Buy resources. In Tau’s economy, billions of users’ devices become a combined supercomputer that you can harness by renting using Agoras. The combined computer resources of billions of people surpasses the power of all the servers of the biggest tech companies.

Autonomous Representation

This feature empowers you to be everywhere at once. Your Worldview can autonomously act on your behalf on Tau. It takes into account your knowledge, philosophies, ethics and desires and performs such functions as:

  • Engaging and participating in discussions with other Tau users
  • Highlighting solutions to unsolved problems that you may have by leveraging and combining the knowledge and information in Tau’s network
  • Removing your need to search for the perfect trade in Tau’s marketplace. Instantly showing you a deal-to-deal pathway and autonomously exchanging the goods you have for the goods you want
  • Creating contracts where needed and executing deals in Tau’s marketplace

Derivatives Market

Use your Agoras and digital resources to trade in Tau’s derivatives market, which will feature financial instruments such as futures and options; and a unique capability to provide risk-free interest without any inflation in the Agoras token supply.

Agoras overview

Marketcap Size: Microcap
Ticker Symbol: AGRS
Low supply: 42 M total supply
Circulating tokens: 18 M tokens in circulation
Token type: Fixed supply & deflationary
Token designation: Utility token (excluding USA)
Initial sale bonus: info
Token: contract

Agoras distribution

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See the science behind how Agoras and Tau's economy works

Our team of PhDs, developers and world renowned scientists are getting closer to bringing the Tau vision to you. Check out the science behind the vision in Tau’s technical whitepaper where we cover Tau and Agoras in depth, and how it all works.

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Agoras token is an ERC-20 placeholder token. It will be swapped for the future Agoras coin which will be released on the Tau mainnet, once the Tau mainnet is developed. Read more.