Company Update

The duty to develop the Tau and Agoras projects, under the development of: Intelligent Decentralized Networks Initiatives LTD, a Seychelles company, has been transferred to a company incorporated in Liechtenstein; IDNI AG located at Landstrasse 36, FL-9495 Triesen Liechtenstein.

It’s important to stress there will no change to current management and, this transfer does not materially change or diminish any of your rights, or our responsibilities. Instead, this greatly assists us in expediting the development of the products and should be seen as a boon to the project overall.

Regulation in the Blockchain space has seen dramatic creation and companies creating products in the space have had to make sure they comply alongside many changing regulations on a global scale. Through our extensive research (trialling over 20 potential countries), Liechtenstein is the fundamentally the most fertile space for the company to be headquartered for these main reasons:

  • Liechtenstein Blockchain Act – Liechtenstein is currently the only nation with dedicated Blockchain legislation, not merely ‘Crypto-friendly’ but regulated and fit for the grand scale that we envision for this project. Liechtenstein’s Blockchain Act has definitive policies and provides a framework for us to work within and refer to; without ambiguity as to what is, and isn’t possible.

  • Stability – Liechtenstein is by far the most economically stable country on the list of viable locations reviewed. Being one of the rare countries on earth with a positive account surplus and no debt. We reviewed each country, alongside many legal advisors, qualitative and quantitative factors on stability, including but not limited to: Bank stability, fraud, domestic policies, foreign relations, political stability, financial stability and global sentiment on its leaderships actions.

  • Partnerships – As Liechtenstein rapidly grows to being the dominant location for companies in the Blockchain space, this seeds more businesses that we can work with and grow alongside.

  • Blockchain Compliance – Switzerland/Liechtenstein has the most comprehensive compliance.

  • Service providers – Liechtenstein has a wealth of Blockchain ready service providers and a well-knit ecosystem for companies such as ours. You will be hard pressed to find accountants that understand crypto as well we do. We have already found great benefit in this area.

  • Access to EU and Swiss markets – This greatly assists us in a multitude of ways.

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