The Next Expansion in Software Capability
Build AI that Powerfully Reasons

Tau is a logical AI engine that enables you to create software and AI capable of full mechanized reasoning, representing one of the greatest expansions of capability in Software history.



Logical AI software creation engine to develop software with supreme reasoning capabilities and guaranteed AI safety.

Tau Language

Tau Language is a logical AI engine, enabling development of software in simple logical sentences, and reasoning over any formalized information.

Decentralized AI

Tau Net

World's first blockchain developed and controlled by all of its users, with applications for collective intelligence, and knowledge trading.

Agoras: Currency of Tau Net

The first token with fully user-controlled tokenomics. Agoras is for trading knowledge, computer resources and more on Tau Net.

Mechanized Reasoning.
Software With a Superpower

Build software and AI with the ability to logically think and automatically act, explain its decisions and its behavior, and evolve software seamlessly, according to your requirements.

Software that Logically Thinks & Acts

Create software capable of deducing powerful new discoveries from knowledge, science, human communication and much more, yielding new abilities for software.

Software that Explains

Gain full visibility into the behavior and decision making in your software and AI. Bring semantic search abilities into your software and have results explained and backed by logic.

Software that Evolves, Under Your Control

Build software that can be reasoned over, automatically evolving according to rapidly changing information and requirements given, such as security conditions, on the fly.

Software as Sentences™
Ideas Work as Software

Focus on what you want the software to be, instead of how to build it. Create and personalize software by simply describing it in logical sentences. With Tau, software has zero bugs and is provably correct according to your description. Software descriptions function as the working software, as they are executable in Tau’s runtime.

Truly Collaborative Software Development
Scaling on Steroids

Tau bridges the gap between desire and outcome, logically deducing working software from all internal and necessary external information, enabling you to easily scale your development process with complex rule-setting safeguards always in place.

The Rest of AI is Limited. Let Them Rest

Complexity theory sets the limits of machine learning methods, which inherently cannot handle logical reasoning. ChatGPT and similar code generation tools will always make logical errors, as logic lies beyond their complexity class.

Accurate software generated with proof it’s correct

No bugs, no traditional testing required

Create & model complete complex fully running programs

Multi-user & roles: Allows collaboratively agreed development

Safe AI: Locked to any described AI safety requirements

Secure AI: Undesirable behaviour is automatically rejected

Use domain-specific knowledge & definitions in descriptions

Bugs are always possible and requires coding knowledge to test

Code is often inaccurate, never guaranteed to be correct

Generates basic code snippets, not complex robust programs

Bottlenecks: Limited number of people that can collaborate

Incapable of implementing robust AI safety restrictions

Can't prevent updates or hacking that allow unwanted behaviour

Ignores domain-specific knowledge and ability to define meaning

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You’re Spending 10x More on Software Development Than You Should

The formal specification techniques used by Tau ensure early error detection, increased reliability, and smoother project workflows, resulting in significant time and cost savings in software development.

While effective, these methods have often posed accessibility challenges, but with Tau’s advancements, the benefits of formal specification are now accessible to everyone.

Endless Industrial Application

From complex industrial software to common applications, executable formal specifications in the Tau development tool meet the demands for software development that matters.

Mission-Critical Systems
Reduce Risk & Time to Market

From complex industrial software to common applications, executable formal specifications in the Tau development tool meet the demands for software development that matters.

Ensure Compliance

Tau ensures timely adherence to industry-specific requirements at every stage of development by allowing you to enforce compliance rules within the software, effectively minimizing the risk of deviations.

Complex Industrial Software
Strengthen Software Control

Prohibit software manipulation entirely with Tau’s capability to define and enforce complex rules for change.

Enhance Robustness & Security

Tau ensures that the software behaves exactly as intended for a wider range of software than achieved by common formal languages.

Enterprise Software
Streamline Software Creation

Software-as-Sentences™ method allows speeding up the development of enterprise solutions like ERP and BPM, while retaining high quality.

Real-World Knowledge Management

Tau improves decision-making with advanced reasoning over real-world knowledge and complex data.

Common Applications
Enhance Collaboration

Tau’s approach eliminates merging conflicts, as specifications from multiple contributors are integrated into the software based on the rules you set.

Drive Innovation

Bridge the gap between desire and end product with direct transformation of sentences into functioning software. Tau opens new innovative possibilities for various applications, including blockchain networks and smart contracts.

Research & News
Years of Research, Ready for Main Stage
Mar 13, 2024

In this post, we are proud to announce the publication of years of dedicated research and development. The NSO and GSSOTC languages, the results of this endeavor, are more than academic accomplishments; they are the very essence of Tau Language.

NSO addresses a long-standing unsolved problem in logic of creating a language capable of consistently referring to its own sentences, while GSSOTC introduces an innovative approach to temporal logic.

News Spotlight
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