AI-Based Software Synthesis from Collaborative Ideas

Tau is a software development tool that enables all company departments, their teams and product end-users to collaboratively create software that meets their collective desires.

Tau reduces costs and guarantees development efficiency and software quality, and bridges the gap between the communicated desires and resulting product. By using our proprietary AI software specification via communication technique, Tau detects and calculates the agreed software description in conversations and generates the accurate software. Tau is to be used at any scale of team size without knowledge of traditional programming.

A Better Software Development Cycle

Collaborative Specification Method


Team members can share ideas at any level of abstraction, from high-level project goals to step-by-step program instructions. Tau’s combination of software specification and description logics allows such descriptions to include real-world knowledge and concepts. Users can input descriptions directly in the Tau Language, or use a natural language interface and can upload any formalized document, such as, a business plan, software description and legal conditions.


Tau automatically calculates the agreed specifications for the software, which are executable within its runtime environment. Users can customize the definition of “agreement,” such as the majority, ideas of key individuals, or other configurations.


The Tau runtime environment executes the specification. Because the program is correct-by-construction, the generated program provably meets the requirements. Changing the behavior of the program only requires modifying the specification.

Experience Logic-Based AI in Software Development

Remove bottlenecks in ability to contribute

Every department of the company alongside end-users can contribute their part to software development. If the legal team wants the software to admit certain laws, and end-users don’t want their data shared, their agreement automatically combines into that program. Users express their opinions and can import formalized documents, such as a business plan. Tau will calculate all implicit and explicit requirements and generate a software that meets them all.

Bring logical order to discussions & decisions

Tau enables and brings logical order to large-scale discussions by instantly detecting agreements and disagreements among participants, and using Logical AI to calculate which decisions are logically implied from the input provided. This allows Tau to serve not only in software development but also as a process management tool.

Remove scaling inefficiencies

For the first time, the speed and quality of development will scale linearly with the number of contributors. Each individual will be able to express their requirements, contributing to the collective agreement and program specification, which will be executable using the Tau runtime environment.

Significantly reduce bugs & testing 

Requirements are automatically translated into sophisticated provably correct software. Updating the software is as seamless as modifying the requirements, making it easier to produce software that matches specifications.

Eliminate 90% of your expenses & time spent developing high-end software

Taking a project from idea to finished product is vastly more efficient with Tau. Changes to software after deployment are faster and guaranteed not to break rules previously specified. Formal methods can save at least 90% of development and testing costs, as shown by industry and academic reports.

Featured Products

Tau is a software development platform that enables end-users and anyone in any company department to collaboratively create software by agreement.

Tau allows discussions and decision-making to scale to large groups by detecting agreements and disagreements in real-time conversations. Users write in a supported formal language, and Tau automatically calculates the logical consequences from the constraints implied in the discussion and formalized knowledge.

The Tau Language is the first logical language (in the classical sense) that allows for referring to the truth of its own sentences as well as quantifying over them. Further, it supports a temporal dimension, thus becoming a software specification language. Purely speaking, it is not a language but a language-extension method: it can combine at once many logics (that satisfy certain basic requirements) into one language that further has quantification over sentences in those logics and over its own sentences, and a temporal dimension on top of them all. It is always decidable if the logics it extends are decidable. Moreover, it can express statements like “for all inputs at each point of time, exists a well-defined output”. See here for a more detailed high level description. 

Tau Meta-Language (TML) is a variant of Datalog. It has a BDDs (Binary Decision Diagrams) backend so the data is always kept in a compressed form, allowing certain programs to run much faster in comparison to explicit data representation. Additionally, in some cases, it can work over data so big that it cannot fit in ordinary memory when encoded explicitly.

TML also implements certain strong and uncommon optimizations and language extensions over Datalog and can be used as a generic engine for queries and logical tasks, and it is also designed to be a generic compiler-compiler.

The Tau Parsing Library is, to our knowledge, the first industry-level C++ parsing library capable of taking an arbitrary context-free grammar (or even any Boolean grammar) and an input string, and producing the full parse forest capturing all ambiguities, efficiently and fully automatic.

The Team Behind Tau

The Tau team consists of world-class scientists and experts who are passionate about empowering every organization, team, and individual to create the precise software that the world needs. Their collective expertise and dedication to the purpose of Tau drive its development and make it a powerful tool for simplifying collaborative software development.

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