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Tau is a universe built from your thoughts, advice, and knowledge. It is the first-ever decentralized blockchain social network able to take the consensus of its users and update its own software in real-time, giving all users control over what the software does for them and how it evolves at any scale. Tau is the ultimate DAO.

Get ready for a world where you, together with billions of people can combine your brainpower and create the universe you really want to live in.

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Attracting support by the leading authority in science

Prof. C. Benzmüller

AI systems engineering professor at University of Bamberg

“The Tau project is fascinating and visionary.“

Prof. E. Franconi

Founder of KRDB Research

“I find the vision on Tau revolutionary and game-changing.“

Dr. M. Cramer

Doctor in Knowledge Representation at TU Dresden

“Tau opens up the possibility of having large-scale discussions without getting lost, of coming to an agreement between many actors in an efficient way.“

What is Tau

Tau is the only social network that incorporates
the real power of you

On Tau, your thoughts influence how the system evolves, your voice is always
heard among billions and your knowledge is the most valuable asset.

On Tau, you will see collective intentional meaning behind the thoughts shared over the network and thus will be able to engage in real-time discussions with billions of people at once. You will instantly see any agreement or difference in thinking between you and others or, between other people, and the reasons why.

Tau’s innovative advances are powered by its new generation Logic-based AI engine, which, unlike machine learning AI, is able to accurately understand the very meaning behind the ideas that you express, and self-update its own software so it becomes whatever you, the users, collaboratively decide it should be.

Connecting the real you to billions of people

Tau is the most efficient way of connecting your Worldview, the real, digital you – in the form of your knowledge, nuanced thoughts, advice, and digital assets to billions of people with maximum collaborative effect.

For the first time you will truly understand and be understood by the world, making Tau a platform for billion-people sized discussions, combination of brainpower and digital resources.

About Tau

Your Worldview holds true power

On Tau, your profile will be your Worldview. It is your personal world at the center of Tau, created and owned solely by you, made of your knowledge, thoughts and advice. It is a digital version of yourself that will represent everything you know, believe in, and are curious about.

Your Worldview is entirely yours to own. You can choose to share aspects of it with other people, publicly or privately, and connect it with apps, services, and businesses. The consensus of everyone’s Worldviews will define the next version of Tau, bringing you the ability to create a new digital universe that you all control.

Trade your knowledge

Knowledge trading is at the heart of Tau’s, world first, peer-to-peer, knowledge marketplace. The knowledge you hold is a tradable asset that you can sell, in whole or part, to buyers who may want to use it. You can also sell a subscription to your knowledge, in which you’re automatically paid by users who want to access and combine it with other people’s knowledge to get the answers they need.

Decide the future of Tau

Tau’s entire userbase are effectively its developers. By simply discussing what Tau should be and thus updating your Worldview on what you want Tau to be, you collaborate with the community and decide how the system should function. Tau will take the consensus of everyone’s Worldviews and use it to update itself to the new Tau being the next block in the blockchain, accelerating the development of Tau, its applications, and utility at an extraordinary pace.

Your voice in Tau's governance

Tau understands all ever-changing Worldviews in the network, including yours and billions of other people’s, so you never have to explicitly vote, your Worldview is your vote. This makes Tau the only decentralized solution to create a truly dynamic protocol suitable for humanity-wide governance.

Utilize the greatest minds in the world

On Tau, you will be able to access and combine the knowledge of the greatest minds in the world. Every Worldview on Tau will be integrated into the world’s most powerful Knowledgebase that you will be able to query, and you are guaranteed to get provably correct answers in response. When querying the Knowledgebase you will be able to discover the relevant Worldviews that contribute to the answers you seek and thus find the people that hold the knowledge you are interested in.

Agoras – The Currency of Tau

Agoras is the currency at the centre of trading within Tau’s economy. Agoras will have huge continuously growing utility, because it represents the total purchasing capability of all increasingly available assets in Tau’s economy, including your knowledge and computer resources. Furthermore, it will be the first coin to have its tokenomics truly run by you, and as such, you will be able to continuously evolve its utility over time.

What you've been missing in other blockchains

It is clear that no serious economy should be controlled by a centralized group of developers. Nevertheless, the core development of today’s blockchains, including Bitcoin and Ethereum, is mostly being executed by a small developer team. No current blockchain is able to implement users’ wants and needs in real-time. On Tau, users will govern the development of the system by saying what they want Tau to be like in the form of statements that satisfy rules and changes to be implemented. The system will then calculate the consensus amongst the users and implement the next version of Tau into the next block in the blockchain. Moreover, Tau’s blockchain will be capable of reasoning, outcome prediction, collaborative development, and Proof of Execution.

How Tau works?

Read our scientific whitepaper to learn about how Tau works and
the breakthroughs we have made.

A smarter kind of AI


Tau uses Logical AI at its core. Unlike machine learning, Logical AI provides provably correct results and can specify intended meaning of discussions and real-world knowledge. You can use Tau’s logic-based engine for its ability to accurately self-build complex software from knowledge input. You simply specify how any aspect of Tau should function, including its blockchain, and Tau updates its own software to provably meet your specifications.

Logical AI is also capable of machine learning but, it can explain its decision process to you, which is a huge advancement over machine learning type AI. Meanwhile, machine learning AI is unsuitable for accurately building any serious software, because it can only learn by examples. Machine learning always has a probability of its outcome being incorrect. It can explain the outcomes by examples, but it can’t show you the reason why it made the decisions, or prove that its results are correct. Thanks to Logical AI, users will be able to give Tau global instructions such as “do not send private data over the network” and they will affect the entire codebase.

Inspired by the success of small group discussions


Tau’s solution is rooted in the success of discussions within small groups of people. In small groups, you simply express your thoughts and both meaning behind what everyone said and the underlying meaning map of who agrees or disagrees is clear.

This meaning map of everything the participants said, their overlapping points of agreement, disagreements, and contradictions is immediately evident because people can easily understand what everyone means within a small group conversation.

Controlled Natural Languages


Controlled Natural Languages (CNLs) are effective languages for Knowledge Representation and Reasoning that look like the ones you use every day, so you can easily read and understand them. However, when they are based on Logical AI, meaning behind what is being said can be accurately processed not just by humans but also by machines.

As logical CNLs can represent information about the real world in a way that machines can process, you will be able to ensure that meaning of what you write is accurately understood by creating definitions of words yourself or selecting the definitions from pre-defined vocabularies (ontologies).

For the first time on any social platform, utility and information will not be lost or neglected, because, by writing in logical CNLs, you will be able to see the overlapping points of agreement, disagreements, and contradictions in the meaning map of all conversations and use logical reasoning to solve complex tasks such as diagnosing a medical condition.

Other social platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.) do not really understand meaning of what you’re saying. They use Machine learning-AI by way of Natural Language Processing which only tries to capture the sentiment of certain words or phrases you write by assigning positive and negative connotations to words. Machine learning cannot capture meaning, hence it cannot show you who you agree or disagree with or allow us to have discussions with a billion participants.

Billion-people sized discussions


Discussions are a highly valuable social process of exchanging thoughts and knowledge, which lead to new inventions and solutions. Currently, discussions in groups of even 20 people or more are unbearably inefficient because the amount of information we process deteriorates as you add more people. This happens due to the limits of our bandwidth and capacity, especially in written discussions where meaning behind text is harder to grasp. Millions of scientific works are published every year, but no researcher could process, find, or translate them all to extract the answers that can potentially lead to groundbreaking solutions.

Imagine a world where efficient discussions with billions of people was the norm. Humanity would progress at an incredible rate. You could, for example, have thousands of scientists efficiently discussing a potential cure for cancer which would accelerate finding the best possible cure for it.

Efficient discussions of billions of people, and the acceleration of personal and scientific discoveries are all possible on Tau. All you have to do is write your thoughts, advice or whatever you have to say in CNLs, and Tau will automatically generate the meaning map and find the consensus, allowing you to comprehend and process all the information in a useful way. 100,000-time increase in the number of participants could yield 100,000 times more information utility and knowledge productivity.

When Tau deduces the consensus of what you need or agree on, it can automatically update its own software. This greatly accelerates the production of knowledge and expedites large-scale collaborative efforts to an unimaginable level. By allowing the whole world to contribute to solutions to the most crucial problems, we will be greatly increasing our ability to improve society.

The first language used on Tau


The first language used on Tau will be a Knowledge Representation and Reasoning language, developed by our team. Tau’s logic engine will be capable of balancing decidability with expressiveness, knowledge representation, and self-referential metalogical reasoning, making Tau the first AI that is able to refer to its own sentences.

Who is building Tau?

The team behind Tau and Agoras is comprised of world-class scientists and experts, passionate about advancing our world and building a better society with knowledge at its core.

Languages on Tau

The premise in Tau is that users have to write in languages that both people and machines can understand, but this will enable you to instantly understand meaning of what people say in billion-people sized discussions. This will grant you the ability to utilize and combine the world’s greatest minds to discover solutions to the world’s most hard pressing problems and greatly advance humanity through accelerated communication, bringing forth the world’s most powerful decentralized social platform.

By using logical languages, Tau is bridging the gap between humans and machines. Tau will launch with two languages, a controlled natural language which users can use to provide complete understanding of intentional meaning to all users and Tau itself; and, Tau Meta-Language, a language that will connect logical languages together. These solutions together provide a basis for a semantically interoperable network of languages we call the Internet of Languages.

Tau Meta-Language

Tau Meta-Language (TML) allows seamless communication and semantic translation between programming languages, knowledge representation languages, visualization and organization formats, domain-specific languages, and more.

TML makes it simpler for you to make languages interoperable. Different languages serve different purposes, and you can use TML to write powerful translators that connect languages in a way that retains original meaning. On top of that, TML’s capabilities evolve alongside your Worldview, adapting to how you intend to use it.

Internet of Languages

Over time, Tau will be capable of understanding you in whatever language you speak. Users will be able to add new languages by defining translators to existing languages within the Internet of Languages. Every newly added language will automatically gain interoperability with all other used languages. As support for more and more languages will gradually expand, Tau will become more accessible to a wider user base, eventually creating a semantic platform, thus much closer representing Tim Berners-Lee’s vision of a semantic web than the internet in its current form.

How can I participate?

While Tau is still a work in progress, our community is already thriving. Be an early Tau supporter by joining discussions on Telegram.

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