Unified vision

Our vision is that solutions to the world’s largest problems will be unlocked by combining the brain power of billions of people.

Unified mission

Provide a complete product that:

Gives all users control over what the software does for them and how the software evolves at any scale.

Empowers users to amplify and combine their brain power at any scale.

Empowers users to have their opinion understood accurately across global discussions of billions of people and allows them to instantly understand the consensus of billions of people.

Unified team

Tau is being built by a dedicated team of world-class academics and experts in AI, logic, knowledge representation and reasoning, business, and blockchain. Several of the team’s key members have been with the project since its very dawn, having started as early investors and community members themselves. What began as a solo pursuit of Tau’s founder Ohad Asor in 2015, has now expanded into one of the most exciting projects in the world of software development. Today, Tau attracts renowned talent who are committed to building a revolutionary product that will better human collaboration.

Join Us

The necessity in accelerating human progress through large-scale collaboration and synchronization of brainpower is essential. Today, Tau is needed more than ever to remove the bottlenecks that advance the next phase of society.

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