Getting what you need out of Tau

Tau offers the ultimate decision-support tool through the integration of team opinions, customization tools to accurately reflect your business, and professional assistance provided by our team.


Collaborative software development with real-time detection of agreements and disagreements.

Tau Language

Language for software specification with quantification over sentences, a temporal dimension and description logics.

Tau Parsing Library

Industry-level C++ parsing library that captures all ambiguities efficiently and automatically.


Variant of Datalog with compressed data storage, strong optimizations, and extensions.

Custom Ontologies

Our team are able to assist in creating a custom ontology for your domain.

Features, Integrations & Planning

We provide specific feature rapid prototyping, alongside assistance integrating your software, existing ontologies and knowledge in Tau.

Complete Development

The Tau team are focused on improving time to market, taking your requirements and managing the software development and deployment, end-to-end.

VIP Support

We’re able set up custom support lines to assist in your goals at the times you need it, be it in onboarding, training, maintenance, consulting and full service development.

We have you covered

If you would like to learn more about how Tau can benefit your business, our team would be happy to help. Contact us:

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