Whitelisted Socials

The Tau team aims to guide new members to authentic social media communities, given the rise of scam groups. Use Tau Verify to check whether the source officially represents Tau. Please search our whitelisted address list or provide a link to the social page for authentication. This could include platforms like Telegram, Twitter, Medium, and other social media platforms.

Telegram Main Channel t.me/tauchain Community Led
Telegram Announcements t.me/TauAgorasANN Team Owned
Twitter Main Channel twitter.com/TauLogicAI Team Owned
Medium Main Channel tau-software.medium.com Team Owned
Linkedin Tau Net linkedin.com/products/tau-network-tau-net/ Team Owned
Linkedin Tau Commercial linkedin.com/company/tau-network Team Owned
YouTube Tau Net youtube.com/@TauNetwork Team Owned
YouTube Tau Commercial youtube.com/@TauHub Team Owned
TikTok Tau Net tiktok.com/@tau.net Team Owned
TikTok Tau Commercial tiktok.com/@tau.tok Team Owned
Reddit Tau Net reddit.com/r/TauNetAGRS/ Team Owned
Reddit Tau Commercial reddit.com/r/Tau_Software/ Team Owned
Facebook Main Channel facebook.com/groups/870781236307340/ Team Owned
Discord Main Channel discord.gg/nsCZ4f3wqH Team Owned
QQ Main Channel q.qq.com/?_wv=1027&k=5DkwnOX Team Owned

Security Tips

The Tau team does not engage in or support any of the following activities:




Admins won’t DM

Official $AGRS contract address